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Eager 4 Beaver #69-1

When: May 28, 2016 14:30 (HST)

Where: Mezzaine Loop, Millennium Park, Boston MA


Greetings hashers-

 I'm haring an Eager 4 Beaver trail, for reasons which escape me.

Here are the details:

What: Eager 4 Beaver #68?
Where: Mezzaine Loop, Millennium Park, Boston MA. It's technically on the commuter rail, but that line doesn't run on the weekends. 
Here are some directions:
When: Saturday, May 28nd, 2:30BST (Beaver Standard Time).
Hare: Wikipedophilia
Hash Cash: $1

Promises: Shiggy, bridges, optional water crossings, beavers.
Lies: See Promises.

On After: Yard House, Legacy Place.

On - they haven't banned me yet - On