Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

COVID-19 Update

TL;DR: All normal hashes (including Marathon weekend) are cancelled until April 12th, at which time we will consider starting back up


It is with a heavy heart and much consideration that we have decided to shut down the hash for a period of time. The GMs of the Boston, Ballbuster, Taco, Moon, and Eager 4 Beaver(yes they still exist).

This shut down will be today through April 12th at which point we will consider starting back up on a week to week basis. We hate to temporarily pull the plug on this group we love so much and dedicate our time to, but in light of world events, and with the decision from the governor to start shutting down bars and restaurants, we do not think it is responsible to continue to meet. We will be trying some new things out to help keep everyone connected, for example we already have a “virtual hash” on the calendar.

For those of you rebels out there who will insist on continuing with real trails or want to complain. Please don’t. Hashing will be there when we get through this awful period and in the mean time use the time at home to write or learn some songs! Feel free to use these pages to share them! We’re all going to need a good time at the end of this.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay positive!

ON-ON, Chunderellie and Shart

Join us on our next hash!


When: October 24, 2020 15:00 (HST)

Where: Boston, MA


A lot of sh*t was canceled this year, but one thing that definitely will not be canceled, no matter what, is the handoff of Misman positions!
And while the circle of hash life keeps turning, we'll also pay homage to the events we missed. This is it -- your chance to dust off whatever outfit or costume we were deprived of the chance to wear. Did you have a great Green Dress that you were really looking forward to busting out? An awesome Lingerie Hash ensemble that was consigned to the closet this year? Wear 'em! (You can wear your m*rathon costume too, but note that uh, you might get another shot at wearing that one for real.)
I said there would be an in-person trail, but actually I lied. There will be THREE in-person trails! One that starts North Of The River, one that starts South Of The River, and one walkers' option.
Trail will start at 3HST and will follow all current kennel COVID precautions, including a mask requirement. Note that, unlike most current trails, there will be (individually wrapped) food provided at the end of trail.
If you would like to participate in the in-person portion of trail, please indicate your interest on the form linked below no later than Weds 10/21 at 5 Eastern. Our intention is to allow as many people to attend the in-person portion of this trail as possible; we will add additional trails as needed, and/or may slightly increase the pack size above our normal limit of 15. However, pack size would not increase past 20, and any changes from normal pack size will be communicated in advance to attendees.
Note that, by completing the form, you're affirming that you will adhere to our normal trail guidelines for COVID-safe behavior.