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Hawaii Birthday Trail (Just Kim's Virgin Lay)

When: August 21, 2019 18:30 (HST)

Where: Boston, MA


C*m to Wednesday's Aug 21 trail - Hawaii's 50th An*lversary and Just Kim's Virgin Lay!

Who: Just Kim and Sex: The Final Frontier
Where: Tavern at the End of the World (Sullivan on Orange)
When: 6:30HST Wednesday, Aug 21.  
Bag car: Please be ours!
How much: $15 gets you lei-d.

Promises: Trail will be scouted, short and hard, just like your sexy hares, there will be waterslides, Hawaii will open up its 50-year-old waterfront for your c*mming, there will be blood, magnolias, muka laka hiki, you know you wanna lay me, brand new beer checks, Somerville hipsters, no rage-grets, Just Kim learning what it means to have 30 hashers c*ming after her, 1S1D On-After.  


Please note, this event is 21+