Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

COVID-19 Update (03/10/21)

Hi all!

We wanted to let you know, on behalf of BH3 Misman, what our plans are for going from Virtual Hangouts to scaling back up to pre-pandemic hashing. Please note that the following is tentative and flexible by nature, but that we’re nonetheless optimistic that it is feasible.

Our current plan is, starting March 14th (this upcoming weekend), to move forward with Sunday Deadlay trails. We will send more information later along with the trail announcement, but you can expect BYOB trails laid by the afternoon in the usual Boston area that you can go run in person. As before, we ask you to please social distance and not run trail with anyone not immediately in your household/pod.

We plan to hold these deadlay trails for a few weeks while cases hopefully continue dropping, such that we expect to have our first In-Person trail after Marathon (Patriot’s Day). Again, we will send more information as that date approaches, but you can expect these to look like the lottery trails we held previously in order to limit our group size.

One other note, since we’ve been asked, regarding how vaccinations will fit into the lottery/plan-at-large: we understand that some people may be vaccinated at this point, something that wasn’t true the last time. Our policy throughout the pandemic has been to avoid determining individual risk categories, nor do we feel comfortable collecting health information (beyond confirming those on trail don’t have COVID symptoms). It is for that reason that, in the beginning, our hardcap attendee limit will NOT account for individual risk factors (including vaccination), beyond those factors imposed by travel restrictions and other state/federal laws. While we fully expect that to change, we ask for your patience as vaccine distribution continues and the pandemic slowly comes to an end.

If you have any questions regarding this plan, please feel free to reach out to either of the GMs (O’Bone’R, Quarter Mile Queer) or anyone else on BH3 Misman. Again, we ask for your cooperation in beginning BH3’s re-return to in-person hashing! We can’t wait to see you soon!

On on,

QMQ, O’Bone’R

Join us on our next hash!

Marathon: NOON Fatboy [Beantown #22]

When: April 18, 2021 12:00 (HST)

Where: Soldiers and Sailors Monument, 139 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02109, USA


Sop up that booze filled dance party with hot brunch on the common, [mim/beer]mosa mile, and a gentle trail

What: It's a celebration of Bicycle Day, Freedom Rally, Lexington Day, and Concord Day! (and it's the early afternoon after a Goat dance party? OMG please send help)
When: I swear - noon sharp (Sunday 4/18) - show up earlier rather than later if you don't want to be food bottleneck['d]
Where: Where the Freedom Rally is held (Soldiers and Saliors Monument on the Boston Common)
Who: The Buttler Hit It
Hash Cash: $5

C*m out to the trifu*kta you've been waiting for ever since we started getting these nice days out! Sop up your hangover with some made-to-order-on-the-spot greasy spoon/favorite diner delights served by a single server with a within-48 hr COVID-19 test, do a [beer/mi]mosa mile, and then enjoy a gentle trail with the promise of a spectacular, virgin, and never to be used again beer check!* The weather appears to be agreeable - what more would one want?**

Promises/lies: No Spank-Me or his abode. No rangers/cops. Gentle rage!

Food/beer inputs? Please:

'Our true intent is all for your delight!' Reservations are not required but filling out the google form is helpful for food planning [ratios] (if you don't vote, don't complain as much [if you even get any foodz]). All rights are reserved by the hashers to divide in a way of their choosing that you don't care for (i.e., pods, oversize, anything and everything).

Other reminders:
- Physical distanced and masked (guidance suggests double masked) unless there's something in your mouth.
- Don't get all up any anyone's space without explicit prior consent
- Don't get all up in other hashers' pods' space without explicit prior consent from *everyone* in said pod
- 21+
- The Beantown City Hash premise and protocols have been epidemiologist endorsed.

* Promise not valid until actually secured. Fallback may still meet promise level. No cash value. Only valid with regards to future Boston Marathon events. No value at all in any jurisdiction. May be only be redeemed for a warm, stale, maybe even flat, beer of the hare's sole choice.
** BYO hookers and blow [and some for the rest of us, plz]
xxx: The Beantown City Hash totally stole the lede graphic and only supports Women in America in a general sense (i.e., did not check out either their website or their politics) but wants to be clear as to their support for women generally in their hashing and particularly supporting attendance at the Beantown City Hash