Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

COVID-19 Update (06/02/21)

And just like that, we’re back to the Before Times™! Governor Baker has lifted all the COVID restrictions and we are following.

Trails are now featuring Before Times™ hits like:

  • No pack size limit
  • A non-socially distanced circle (if you are vaccinated)
  • Announced trail start- no lottery!
  • Bag Car on trails that are A-B!
  • Hash Sittapedes!
  • Group Hugs!

We do ask that if you are not vaccinated that you mask up and stay socially distanced both during trail and while in circle. Vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask (you can if you feel more comfortable).

At this time, we are also not providing food on trail. We realize how this may be inconvenient for some but this is not forever. We are asking hares/ pack to leave as close to on time as possible so that when the trail is over, you can grab food. Orange food and other snackos will be provided. Hash cash will remain at $5.

There will also be an optional form to fill out for attendance. This just helps the hares plan for trail. If you have certain allergies or aversions please let us know so that we can plan. It is optional but appreciated.

One last thing. Thank you for your patience and understanding through all of this. Thank you to the rest of Misman for their input through this. Thank you to everyone who filled out forms on their comfort levels. Thank you to the people who came to our weekly Zoom meetings. Thank you to the people who set deadlays. Thank you to the people who actually did the deadlays. Hash family is really the best family.

See you on trail!


O’bone’R and Quarter Mile Queer

Join us on our next hash!

Boston H3: Fishnets and Fishhooks Trail

When: July 28, 2021 18:30 (HST)

Where: Corner Pub, 162 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111, USA


Join us in the heat of the summer as we enjoy a nice cool refreshing trail though the modern labyrinth that is the historical North End and Downtown. Come in your best fishnet attire!
Enjoy all of your favorite big city smells along the way too! including but not limited to: Fresh baked bread, Italian food, seafood, the ocean, raw seafood, the aroma of hot tarmac, and everyone's sweaty bodies!
Try not to get lost, or fall into any secret mafia tunnels!

Hare: Strap On Strap Off, Luva Lamp
Where: The Corner Pub
When: July 28th, 6:30pm HST
Hash Cash: $5
Bag car: QMQ

Promises/Lies: A "casual" jaunt through the most confusing part of town, an incredibly easy to follow trail, fishhooks, fishdicks, fishnets, lots and lots of bricks and cobblestones.
Trail will be A-B, Both will be easily T accessible.