Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

Join us on our next hash!

The Yom Kippur Sexy Grandma Wine Surplus Trail!

When: September 19, 2018 18:30 (HST)

Where: McCabe's Bar and Grille, 2046 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA


So there I was (HHFSTUAMF!):

Just Grandma Stephanie: Uggg, I have all this extra wine sitting around from experiments in brewing. What can I do with it?

Sex: The Final Frontier: Well, I know one way to get rid of a lot of alcohol efficiently….

Presenting…. The Yom Kippur Sexy Grandma Wine Surplus Trail! 

Are you a naughty Jew? Did you take off work today to drink in temple? Do you need a way to sin as ferociously as possible starting the first moment God’s heightened judgment is no longer upon you? Would you like to see the sexiest grandma alive? Say the brukha over the wine and sexy bubbes among us and c*m to trail!

Where: McCabes (Porter T station) 

When: Wednesday, Sept 19, 6:30HST (Hares will be gay at exactly sundown)

Who: Sex: The Final Frontier and Just (Grandma) Steph

How much: $15 makes you halla!

Bag car: Chitz N Clitz (or Clitz N Chips?)

Bring: Your f*cking cranium lamp, you halfminds. We are starting trial in the dark! Clothes if outdoor On-In requires clothes. 

Promises: No overlap with 7 Shots trail, Sexy Grandmothers, Free Wine for all the hashers with unused Wine Check, outdoor on-in, a great virgin lay from a very experienced hasher, a trail as short as 7 Shots was long, you will be sealed in the book of life.

Lies: See promises


Please note, this event is 21+