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August Mismanagement

When: August 02, 2016 19:00 (HST)

Where: Felipe's Taqueria


As we rage our way through the summer seasons - the trails have all be great so far, keep it up - we need to begin to prepare for the fall. With the changing of the leaves comes the changing of mismanagement, and as fun as it's been to lead you crazy drunks this last year, it's time for mismanagement to turn over and new people to come in.

So, if you are interested in joining mismanagement next year, or if you want to laugh at the people who want to, or if you want to voice any concerns you have with the state of the kennel, please come join us at the August Mismanagement meeting - it's open to all hashers, and all are encouraged to attend.

What: August Mismanagment
Where: Felipe's Taqueria, 21 Brattle Street,Cambridge, MA 
(Closest T-Stop Harvard on the Red Line)
When: Tuesday August 2nd, 7:00 SHARP

1) Review summer trails and state of the hash
2) Talk about open MM positions and who volunteers to fill them.
3) Rage.

The mismanagement positions are their descriptions are:

Grand Masters/ess - Steer the great ship known as the Boston Hash; you have to hare 2 trails, and get your name on a sword. It's actually pretty easy.

Religious Advisors - Lead Chalk Talk and Circle - hand out accusations, keep the hash going, generally attempt to herd cats every week.

Hash Cash - Collect money at the start and buy beer at the end; you get to walk up to bar tenders and say "I'll take 10 of your cheapest pitchers!"

Hash Accounts - Oversee the moneys of the hash.

Scribe - Write down (or make up) what happend on trail, so people who were there can remember and people who won't will get epic FOMO and come next week!

Scribe Emeritus - Cums Alone

Hareraiser - Find hares each week, and step in to hare if no one else does.

Hash Dementor/ess - Welcome new hashers into the hash, make them feel warm, welcome and surrounded play their family while on their knees.
Marathon Chairs - Plan the biggest, bestest, hash party on the East Cost , neigh, the whole nation! RAGE!

Holiday Chairs - Plan a holiday party; get people drunk.

Beer Bitches - Walk around circle, filling beers, serving pizza, or whatever else....

Haberdasher - Sell stuff.

Webmeister - Update the website

Hash Ho - Travel the world and make a good/bad/epic/notorios name for the Boston Hash

Hash Hotline - Tell hashers where the beer is if they get lost on trail.

On - it takes a bunch of drunks drinking to plan how to get other drunks drunk - On
Udder Whore
Boston GMs