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7th An*l Lingerie Hash

When: July 26, 2017 18:30 (HST)

Where: Jacques' Cabaret, 79 Broadway, Boston, MA 02116, USA


It's time for the 7th An*l Lingerie Hash! This year, we're really outdoing ourselves, we aim to put on a show to rival the greatest and best lingerie show known to man....The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's right kiddos - time to dust off your wings and decide what kind of angel you'll be. Will you be a jungle commando angel, wear a peacock tail, or an almost unmanageable cape made of sequins that is so cumbersome it's almost guaranteed to end in injury?? Mix together lingerie with leg warmers and desert goggles?! Get cray. Because nothing says SEXY like random shit layered with retina burning neon lingerie for no discernible reason! 

Click on the link below for inspiration. We promise it's not porn....or IS IT?! 

What: The 7th An*l Lingerie Hash
When: Wednesday, July 26th at 6:30pm HST
Prelube: Jacques Cabaret, 79 Broadway, Boston, MA 02116 (closest T stops: Arlington - Green or Tufts Medical - Orange)
Who: Jello Wrecked 'em, Goat Throat, and Yellow Dick Gnome
Bag Car: Could it be you, gentle hasher?? 
Hash cash: $15, includes food **Sound good??

Promises: Three hot hares leaving little to the imagination, rubber-necking muggles and mass confusion/arousal , indoor circle, beer, pizza, and an alarming combination of faux fur, glitter, lace, and nonsensical props guaranteed to titillate.

Kisses and consensual butt grabs,
JELL-O, Gnome, and Goaty