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BH3: Dr. Blow’s Puddingstone Trail

When: June 07, 2023 18:30 (HST)

Where: Mission Hill, Boston, MA, USA


Puddingstone Trail

Want to see what puts the “rocks” in Roxbury? This ~4 mile trail starts near the MFA and traipses among noteworthy rock types in buildings and natural outcrops. Whether or not geology interests you, you’ll enjoy Puddingstone Shots back by popular demand! Rock on, rage on, On-On.

When: Wednesday 6/7/2023, 6:30 pm HST
Where: Puddingstone Tavern, 1592 Tremont St, Boston, closest stop is Longwood on Green Line E
Hare: Doctor Blow
Bag Car: needed (please)
Bring: Virgins, cranium lamp, observant eyes
Promises: learn about nifty rocks appearing in natural outcrops and built structures, puddingstone shots
Lies: Learning geology while also drinking and running is statistically proven to increase rage capacity