Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

Back before there was hashing, back before there was even beer...there were

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Cavemen and Dinosaurs!

Ae you a horny dinosaur? How large is your loincloth?

Rego Now!

Event: April 14th - 17th, 2017

Rego price: $89

"Check the BH3 calendar for schedule updates."

**If you are ever lost or unsure where to go call or text the hotline at (617) 499-4835**


Friday 4/14 Cumbridge Beer mile and pub crawl

When: 6:30HST (Beer mile) 8PM (Pub crawl)

Where: (new location)North Point Park, Boston. (Link to exact location to be posted on the calendar)

How much: $5 if you run the beer mile

-----------Pub crawl bars will be walking distance from North Station and on the calendar soon--------

Saturday 4/15 BH3 Pre-Historic Hash Marathon Main Event!

***Check in and pick up your give-away when you arrive***

When: Noon if you want to brunch, 1PM if you want your free beer, Chalk talk starts at 1:30

Where: The Kinsale Irish Pub, 2 Center Plaza, Boston. Closest T stop Government Center

YOU WILL NEED YOUR ID TO GET INTO THE ON-IN. If you are not a US citizen you will need your passport as your ID.

Sunday 4/16 Pink Taco Fatboy Trail

When: Noon HST (Get brunch if you want it and hares away at 1:30)

Where: Tavern in the Square Porter, 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

What: There will be a 3-4 mile running trail and a shorter walkers trail. Beer checks will be together.

Monday 4/17 Watch the Actual Boston Marathon at mile 20

When: Elite runners go by around 11AM, normal runners around noon What: Hand out beer to the runners and hang out!

Food and beer provided by the hash

Where: Near mile 20 in Newton. Trail is marked from the Newton Centre T stop.

Monday 4/17 Ballbuster Trail!

What: Run a 6.9+ mile long trail that ends at mile 20!

When: 10:00 HST, hare(s) away 10:15, pack 10:30

Where: JFK park. Prelube will be marked from Harvard T

How much: $1 and a six pack

**Expect to get to mile 20 during the later waves of runners going by**

Running the real r*cist Boston marathon?

You're eligible for a 26% discount on your rego price!

Email Orgasm Famine for details!


Email Orgasm Famine

Rego Now!

Who's Cumming

Hasher Kennel
Krusty the Meat Miser Friendly Toast H3
Goat Throat Friendly Toast H3
O Brother Where Art...Ow! Friendly Toast H3
Pretty Pretty Pittsburgh Friendly Toast H3
Orgasm Famine BH3
The Dark Kunt Friendly Toast H3
Can't Eat Pussy Boston H3
Easy As 123 BH3
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Cousin E's Booby Buffet Dry Shitties H3
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
Furry Spice Friendly Toast H3
Yoron Weed Atlanta Black Sheep H3
Blondie McFucksalot Boston H3
Po-po Peepshow Boston H3
Glutenless Maximus BH3
Udder whore Boston H3
Marbleous Asshole Boston H3
Easy Bake eaTme BCS H3
Sex: The Final Frontier Boston Hash House Harriers
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Pussy Passport BH3
Cuntface Chicago H3
Wikipedophilia Space Unicorn
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Angry Crotch BH3
Downwind Ottawa
Dry Hose Boston H3
Boner donor BH3
Clit Notes BH3
Vaginacologist Boston Moon! (and Atlanta H3(
Cum Test Dummy CUNTH3
Fort Dixalot Ben Franklin Mob H3 STD
Chippen Failz Friendly toast h3
Muffalotta H5
Piggus Racoon H3
4"spike Key West H3
H.N.I.C. Key West H3
Drunk'N Drag'iN BH3
Doücheland BH3
Sketchy Ho Boston H3
Back Door Deposit BFM
Shart of Darkness BH3
Liquor Box Lehigh Valley H3
Luva Lamp Boston H3
Cuntface Poernstar H3
Duck Duck Oops Skull and Boners H3
Twat My Mom Boston H3
Fibocrotchi Seecunts Wildcard H3
I Eat T-Bags PorME H3
O'Bone'R Rhode Island H3
Cumz with Scotch Middle GA H4 (MGH4)
Better Late Than Pregnant Boston H3
Feather Chicago H3
Hoover McSuck N Fuck BOSTON H3
Bend Over Mommy Boston H3
Too Short to Tuck Northboro H3
The Buttler Hit It Boston Moon
JTF Northborough H3
Cuntortionist LVH3
+2 Coonass Boston Ballbuster H4
No Man on the Moon Boston H3
Spare My Finger Ben Franklin Mob
The Young and the Bushlesd DCRW
Peeping Tom Pussy Boston H3
Horny Hori Osaka Finally Friday Fukov H3 (Tokyo)
Just Ian BostonH3
Blow Bot BH3
MudSlut Pink Taco H3
Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory Boston H3
Ice Ice Puto Mr. Happy's #69
District 69 DCRW/WH4
Just Andy Boston H3
THE 2nd Cumming BluBlockerH3
Just Rebecca Ottawa
Cum Ear Boston H3
Yellow Dick Gnome Boston Ballbuster H4
Sodomoose BH3
Vagibond Pink Taco Trotters H3
Prickers in muh vag Northborough H3
Friar Fuck Seacoast H3
Anal Disco Boston Moon H3
Statutory Swallows Denver Hash House Harriers
dribbles boston
Ménage a Dog BH3
Chunderellie Chunderellie BH3
Can't Finish... Portland Humpin' Hash House Harriers!
Log Jammer Portland Humpin Hash House Harriers
Fucked If I Know Burlington H3
Uncle fister Ben Franklin Mob H3 STD
Not in my Hair Summit H3
USS Cumface Chicago
Pubic Service Announcement Friendly Toast H3
Skibobbitt Boston H3
DonaldDick YachtClub
Show Me the Penis! BH3
All Hands On Wood Columbia University New Traditional H3
BAMF/Howl at the Poon CUNTH3
Orgie porgie puddin n pie BFMH3 and PorMEH3
Just Beat It BH3
Altered Boy Boston H3
Motherload Boston H3
SHUT THE FUCK UP Skull and Boners H3
Boo Berry Tits Flour City H3
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster H4
Don't Ask Don't Smell DC Road Whores
Cause for Blindness Ben Franklin Mob
Foreskin Abortion Boston Ballbuster H4
Hare Club for Queers Boston H3
Bring out the Gimp Poo Flingers
Dances With Cougars Boston H3
Necrophiliac Jack Boston H3
Jersey Lunchbox Burlington H3
Brokeback Baby Black Rock City H3
Goes Down on Buoys Boston
Queer and Foaming in my Anus Boston h3
Cleavage to Beaver Charm City H3/BAH3
Gummit Charm City H3/BAH3
Spunk In The Trunk Boston H3
Just Hannah CVNT
Sloppy Thirds BH3
Baaa! Ram Him Ben Franklin Mob H3
Seven Queer Stitch White House H3
cums alone Boston
Ze Vorlds Okayest Kirkland BH3
Bipolar Bear ewh3
Bottom Wrangler Boston H3
Chips 'n Clits (Clit's 'n Chips) Boston Moon
Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
Solar Eclits CUNTH3/ NYCH3
Geordi la Foreskin Knickerbocker H3
The Young and the Wristless Knickerbocker H3
Chips 'n Clits (Clit's 'n Chips) Boston Moon
Egg Fucker Lehigh Valley H3
Sergeant Cuntstache Boston Hash House Harriers
Southern Exposure Boston Hash House Harriers
Shits & Ladders BH3
Math Sucks, Let's F*ck! DC Road Whores
Biofilter Raccoon H3
Chitty Chitty Chandler bang Bh3
Chitty Chitty Chandler bang Bh3
Just Colby Boston hash
Dui Done Right Eager 4 Beaver
Slatty Mudflaps Eager 4 Beaver
The Bitch Will Find U H5
Just Audra Boston H3
Cums Unexpectedly BH3
Cock Lobster BH3
ngsiofDaubs Undeclared
Kuragats Nada
Wrossellove Rather Not Say
ViboOrazy Not Selected
NFHN Cassie Skull and Boners