Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

The Boston Hash House Harriers present

Hashy Potter and the Wicked Magical Marathon

Marathon 2018 logo

April 14 - 16, 2018

I solemnly swear we are up to no good. Get those wands at the ready and start practicing your swish and flicks. The hash is taking the rage train to Hogwarts! Get sorted into your house, earn house points and maybe win the Rage cup. It’s time for a butter beer down down.

Rego Now!

Rego pricing:

$69 through February 9th

$79 through March 31st

$89 thereafter

Your $$$ gets you THREE DAYS OF EVENTS!

Saturday, April 14: Trail, Beer, Circle, Dinner, Give-Away, Dancing

Sunday, April 15: Fatboy trail, beer, circle

Monday, April 16: Watch the Marathon at Mile 20 with beer and food provided

We will do our best to find crash space travel hashers, but space is limited. Please indicate that you'll need it when registering or if you are able to host travel hashers.

Running the real Boston marathon?

10 points for Gryffindor! You're eligible for a 26% discount on your rego price!

Marathon Week Schedule

Will you be in Boston earlier? There will be prelube events for the entire week before the event! Check out our calendar for the most up-to-date infromation.

Monday, April 9th: Rhode Island H3 - Hash starts at 42.021560, -71.327434 (Nelson Field, Everett Skinner Rd, Plainville, MA) - 6:00pm (pack away 6:30pm sharp)

Tuesday, April 10th: Eager 4 Beaver - Hash starts at Shake Shack (in 'The Street' strip mall) 49 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill - 6:30pm

Wednesday, April 11th: Boston Ballbuster Hardcore H3 - Hash starts at The Field (20 Prospect St, Cambridge) - 6:30pm

Thursday, April 12th: Pink Taco Trotters H3 - Hash starts at Tavern At the End of the World (108 Cambridge St, Charlestown) - 6:30pm (Everyone welcome, not just the ladies!)

Friday, April 13th: Boston Moon Beer Mile and Bar Crawl - Bar crawl starts at Boston Beer Works, 112 Canal St - 5:00pm

Beer Mile is at North Point Park 6 Museum Way, Cambridge - 7:00pm sharp - Please do not arrive before 6:30pm

Email Udder Whore for Questions/Details

Check the BH3 calendar for schedule updates and info on trails leading up to the main event!

**If you are ever lost or unsure where to go, text the hotline at (617) 499-4835**

Rego Now!

By registering you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own actions during the entire weekend of events. That includes treating our city, members of the hash, and greater community with respect. Any inappropriate behavior can result in forfeiting your rego, being banned from the Boston Hash, or being reported to the authorities.

As always, this is a 21+ event

Who's Cumming

Hasher Kennel
Hairy Crotcher and the Sorcerer's Bone Pink Taco Trotters
Udder Whore Boston H3
O’bone’R RIH3
No Man on the Moon Boston H3
Wikipedophilia Space Unicorn
Yellow Dick Gnome Pink Taco
Ptsdouble-d Boston H3
Bottom Wrangler Boston H3
O Brother Where Art...OW!! FRIENDLY TOAST H3
Mudslut BH3
Can't Eat Pussy Boston H3
Easy as 123 BH3
Shart of Darkness BH3
Roofie Ragu Chicago H3
Blondie McFucksalot Boston
Coneylingus New York City Hash House Harriers
Enough Already VooDooH3
Krusty the Meat Miser Friendly Toast H3
JustBeatIt BH3
Glutenless Maximus Boston
Pretty Pretty Pittsburgh Friendly Toast H3
Panda Friendly Toast H3
USS Cum On My Face Chicago H3
Donald Dick Philly
Shits Fucks Leaves LarryvilleH3/DenverH3
Peeping Tom pussy BH3
6 From Behind SOH4
+2 Coonass Boston Ballbuster H4
Chippen Fail Friendly Toast H3
E = I’m A Douche Eager 4 Beaver
Subaru nmy HuHu Anchorage Ak H3
Sloopy Seconds B2H3 (Anchorage, ak)
Jersey Lunchbox BurlingtonH3
Thailor Thwift Skull and Boners H3
Duck duck oops Skull and Boners
Orgie Cycle Skull and Boners
jacket off Oregon H3
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
Angry Crotch Bh3
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster
Twat My Mom Boston H3
Stops to Pet the Pussy Burlington H3
Goat Throat Boston H3
the buttler hit it boston moom
Eight is Enough Anchorage
Dick Shavin's Vagina Juice PorMe H3
Bring Out the Gimp Eager4Beaver
Statutory Swallows Denver Hash House Harriers
Motherload Voodoo/Crescent Shiggy/Boston
Sex: The Final Frontier BH3
Sergeant Cuntstache BH3
Cum Test Dummy CUNTH3
Orgasm Famine Boston H3
Baaa! Ram Him BFM H3
Seven Queer Stitch WH4
Quarter Mile Queer Boston H3
NFHN Casie Skull & Boners
Weee Balls KAW!H3
Just Steph BH3
Stain Gretzky EWH3
Spread the Helix Charm City H3
Just Brooke Boston H3 / Pink Taco
Do Me Decimal Crescent Shiggy 》Circus 》 Boston
Prickers in muh vag Nh3
Better Late Than Pregnant Boston H3
ManSauce Ottawa H3
Skibobbitt Boston
Drunk'N Drag'iN BH3
Doücheland BH3
Free Cuntry Flour City H3
Uncle John Flour City H3
Hurl Sarong St. Pete Hash House Harriers
Fine Ass Cuntsultant RIH3
Po-po Peepshow Boston H3
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Just Claire BH3
Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory DC/Boston
CPA Boston H3
Cum Ear Boston H3
Fort Dixalot The Captain Dixalot Pirate Crew H3
Luva Lamp Boston H3
Whore’s Whisperer Flour City H3
Something Blew Quad Cities H3 / Bad Decisions H3
furry spice friendly toast h3
Spunk Monkey Mosquito H3
Solar Eclits CUNTH3
Dix-N-Stix Syracuse HHH and Utica Better Then Nothing HHH
Fisted Sister Northboro Hash House Harriers
Southern Exposure BH3
Knickers Please! Boston H3
Furry Tits Orange County , CA
JustNicole BH3
Friar Boston
Blow Interest No Principles LBH3
Cumy Sticks Boston
Trailer Nailer Sarasota Circus Hash
Marbleous Asshole Boston H3
Pussy Passport Chicago H3/Boston H3
Geordi la Foreskin Knickerbocker H3
Avalanche Dewey Beach H3
Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
Baby Crack Whore Long Beach H3 (CA)
Pigwidgeon Halve Mein H3
Pole in the Family (for now...) BH3
Master Hater Skull and Boners
Spread the Helix BAH3/EWH3
Where’s my D? Bfmh3
Virgin Paula NH3
Just Hannah CVNT
Always Wet Pussy Eugene H3
Beef Up & FUCK Eugene H3
Chunderellie Chunderellie Boston H3
Pandamoanium MiamiH3
Chips'nClits or Clits'nChips BH3
Never Knees Boston
Just Katie BOSTON H3
Vagibond Pink Taco Trotters H3
THE 2nd Cumming Boston H3
Sketchy Ho Boston H3
Deflate Date BH3
dribbles boston
Kick Me In The Nuts Bostington H3
SHUT THE FUCK UP Skull and Boners H3
Hoover McSuck n Fuck Boston H3
Rock, Paper, Strippers Nomad
Pork Puller Lehigh Valley H3
Glory Hole H5H4
Shorn Scrotum BH3
The Shocker Lehigh Valley H3
bEATz It Lehigh Valley H3
Rimjob Ringleader The Greatest Hoe on Earth Miami H3
Dog dick afternoon Old man h3
Pubic Service Announcement Friendly Toast H3
The Young and the Wristless Knickerbocker H3
Seaman Service BH3 by way of cHARLOTtesville
Spare My Finger Ben Franklin Mob
Salty Mudflaps E4BH3
Shits and Ladders BH3
Black Cock Down Boston
Hare Club for Queers Boston
Five Inch Penalty Boston H3
Three Ring Cervix Boston H3
Brown vs The Board of Fornication The SLuTs/Old Man H3
Just Jon bh3
Justine Beaver Boston H3
Cherry popin Paddy boston
Necrophiliac Jack Boston
Just Mario None, yet.
I-did-a-tod Boston
My li'l cock'll do NH3
Blow Bot Boston H3
Hurl on Rouge NH4
Just MJ Boston
just stefan boston hash
Jamessounk Undeclared