Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

The Boston Hash House Harriers present

Game of Boners: A Song of Fireball and Smirnoff Ice

April 13 - 15, 2019

In the Game of Boners, you either rage or you dragon. Hashers seek the mythical tale of good beer and shots, while the ancient enemies Smirnoff Ice and Fireball return after being dormant for thousands of seconds. A hasher always finishes their drink, so join us in waving a giant middle finger to the god of sobriety! For the night is long and full of UGHs...

Rego Now!

Your $$$ gets you THREE DAYS OF EVENTS!

Saturday, April 13: Trail, Beer, Circle, Dinner, Give-Away, Dancing

Sunday, April 14: Fatboy trail, beer, circle, Games of Thrones screening

Monday, April 15: Watch the Marathon at Mile 20 with beer and food provided

Rego pricing:

$69 through February 8th

$79 through March 31st

$89 thereafter

C*mming Early?

Get to Boston on Friday the 12th and kick the weekend off with a beer mile and a pay as you go pub crawl. Even earlier? There will be prelube events for the entire week before the event!

Check the BH3 calendar for schedule updates and info on trails leading up to the main event.

Need Crash Space?

We will do our best to find crash space travel hashers, but space is limited. Please indicate that you'll need it when registering or if you are able to host travel hashers.

Running the other, less fun Boston marathon?

You know nothing, hasher. You're eligible for a 26.2% discount on your rego price!

Email O'Bone'R for questions/details!

Rego Now!

By registering you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own actions during the entire weekend of events. That includes treating our city, members of the hash, and greater community with respect. Any inappropriate behavior can result in forfeiting your rego, being banned from the Boston Hash, or being reported to the authorities.

As always, this is a 21+event

Who's Cumming

Hasher Kennel
Clit Notes BH3
O’bone’R BH3/ RIH3
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Po-Po Peepshow Boston H3
Cocktistic Bear Bottom H3
Sex: The Final Frontier Boston H3
Muffalotta H5
Can't Eat Pussy San Francisco H3
Quarter Mile Queer Boston H3
Dr. Cockvorkian Always Leave Camp H3
furry spice friendly toast h3
Goat Throat FTH3
Chippen Failz Friendly Toast H3
O Brother Where Art...OW! Friendly Toast H3
USS Cum On My Face Chicago H3
Can't Find Pussy in a Haystack DC Road Whores
Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory BostonH3
Chunderellie Chunderellie BH3
Shart of Darkness BH3
Pump House Sperm Filter Charlotte H3
Just Sarah Boston H3
Blondie McFucksalot Boston H3
Just Ruth Boston H3
Just Joshua Boston H3
Donald Dick Yacht Club
Broke My Cock ASS H3
Brother Incisor Chicago H3
Silent But Deadly Agana
Aims Low Hogtown
Cuntcussion Boston
Blumpkin Spice Latte Atlantic City H3
Pretty Pretty Pittsburgh Friendly Toast H3
Whordini Crescent Shiggy/Voodoo
The Buttler Hit It Boston Moom
Honorable Vaginal Discharge Boston H3
Knuckles Deep BH3
Just Beat It BH3 NH3
Glutenless Maximus BH3
Orgasm Famine Boston H3
Better Late Than Pregnant Boston H3
Fisted Sister Northborough
Marbleous asshole B3H4
Orange is the New Snatch DC Roadwhores
Clitz 'n Chips (Chips 'n Clitz) Boston H3
Sperm Burpin' Stark Burlington
One Drunk White Walker Burlington
Cumie Sticks Boston
Waxxx Off BH3
Spread the Helix BH3
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster H4
Fricker's prickers in much vag Nh3
50 Shades of Glaze SOH4
Willy Wanker & The Chocolate Factory Halve Mein H3
Piggy Halve Mein H3
Foreskin Abortion Boston Ballbuster H4
Pee Pee McFarts Boulder H3
Dix-N-Stix SOH4
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
Sex: The Final Frontier Boston H3
Pandamoanium Traveling Onesie h3
Mudslut Boston H3
Choke N Stroke Chicago
Roofie Ragu Chicago H3
Cum Test Dummy San Francisco H3
Roscoe Pee Cum Stain Burlington H3
THE 2nd Cumming Boston H3
Bondage Barbie Burlington H3
Jersey Lunchbox BurlingtonH3
Just Emily Boston
Pussy Passport Chicago H3
Prickers in muh vag NH3
Luva Lamp Boston H3
6 From Behind S0H4
Jigglytits EWH3
No Man on the Moon Boston H3
Yellow Dick Gnome Boston H3
Cumboy Wonder Ithaca H3
Statutory Swallows Denver Hash House Harriers
Math Sucks, Let's F*ck! DC Road Whores
Hurl on Rouge NH4 - New Haven H4
Sketchy Ho Boston H3
Beat Loaf NH4- New Haven H3
Motherload Crescent Shiggy / Voodoo / Boston
Deflate Date BH3
One Trick Dick Utica > 0 H3
F@ck of the Irish Rhode Island H3
Crooner ScrewHer Rhode Island H3
Udder Whore Boston H3
Rimjob Ringleader the Greatest Hoe On Earth Miami H3
Cum Ear Boston
rainbow fuckin' brite burlington
LumberJackOff BH3
Testicular Mechanics Boston H3
Bottom Wrangler BH3
Angry crotch Bh3
Bend Over Mommy BH3