Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

The Boston Hash House Harriers present

Hashing Through Heaven to Hell Boston H3 Marathon Event

April 15 - 18, 2022

Through me is the way to the city of rage.
Through me is the way to beer checks eternal.
Through me is the way to the shot check.
Abandon all sobriety, ye who rego here

The Boston Marathon event is back, and better than ever. We’ve all gone through our various versions of personal hell over the last year(s), and now it’s time to find salvation. Join us for the four circles of hell days of events through the drunkest city in America*.

Vaccinations, just like consent, are MANDATORY for this event.


$96 through January 12
$116 through February 16
$130 through March 16
$150 thereafter
$175 DAY OF

Rego Now!

The four circles of heaven (or hell):

Friday, 4/15: Beer Mile (and pay as you go rage)

Saturday, 4/16: Trail, Beer, Circle, Snacks, Dinner, Give-Away, Dancing

Sunday, 4/17: Fatboy trail, beer, circle

Monday 4/18: Watch the Marathon at Mile 20. Beer and food provided

New PayPal:

Make sure you paypal Name will be Jeff Matthews, photo will be the Boston Hash logo.

Will the real Marathon please stand up?

The only way to rego for the event is at If you’re not on our list and you haven’t paid, you’re not regoed!

What do you mean “Proof of Vaccination?”

We will be asking for proof of vaccination over the course of the weekend. No proof = no marathon. We will accept your physical vaccination card or a clear photo of it plus a photo ID as proof.

Don’t leave me in purgatory! I need crash space!

We will do our best to find crash space travel hashers, but space is limited. We’re announcing this early so you can grab an airbnb. If you need a place to stay, please fill out this form

What if we go into lockdown again/the Boston marathon is moved?

If we go back into lockdown, we will refund everyone’s rego. If the marathon is moved the event will continue as planned.

Running the real Boston marathon?

Since you’ll be stuck in purgatory all weekend, you're eligible for a 26.2% discount on your rego price. Email Blondie for detrails:

By registering you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own actions during the entire weekend of events. That includes treating our city, members of the hash, and greater community with respect. Any inappropriate behavior can result in forfeiting your rego, being banned from the Boston Hash, or being reported to the authorities.

This is a 21+, proof of vaccination required event. Failure to produce proof of vaccination/age verification will result in your rego being forfeit.


Blondie & O’Bone’R

*We won the title 2013. Quibble all you want - we have the oldest bar in the US.

Who's Cumming

Hasher Kennel
No Man on the Moon Boston H3
O'bone'R Rhode Island H3
Blondie McF Boston H3
Cuntcussion Boston H3
Marbleous Asshole Boston Ballbuster
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster H4
Peepers BH3
Chips n clits BH3
Do Me Decimal Boston H3
Wikipedophellia Space Unicorn H3
Holey Dumpster Fire BH3
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Po-Po Peepshow Boston
Shart of Darkness Boston H3
Full Frontal Fireball Boston H3
Blue balls matter Beantown
Sketchy ho Boston H3
Frosty the F*ckman Boston
Bring Out the Gimp Poo Flingers
Kneels for Ginger Jizz Boston H3
Quarter Mile Queer Boston H3
Shits and Ladders BH3
Angry Crotch BH3
Mudslut Boston H3
Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory Boston H3
Anal Disco BH3
Testicular Mechanics JellyShot H3
Yellow Dick Gnome Boston H3
Just Jan Boston H3
Extra Terresticle Boston Moon H3
Topless Barbie BH3
The buttler hit it Beantown
Pigfucker Halve Mein H3
Decibelle Halve Mein H3
Hoover Mcsuck and fuck Boston
Mourning Wood BH3
Sex: The Final Frontier Beantown
O Brother where art...ow! Friendly Toast h3
Never Knees CH3
Roofie Ragu CH3
Gay Dancer Chicago
E = I'm A Douche Eager 4 Beaver H3
Pubic Service Announcement Friendly Toast H3
Furry spice Friendly toast h3
Hooch before cooch Chicago h3
Krusty the Meat Miser Friendly Toast H3
Silent But Deadly Chicago H3
Just Justice Chicago H3
Cockamole San Francisco H3
Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
The Perfect Woman Seamon H3
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
Tuna on Top SFH3
Can't Eat Pussy San Francisco H3
Wankers Dozen MiHiHuHa
Dix-N-Stix SOH4
Cum Test Dummy SFH3
Orgasm Famine Boston H3
prickers in muh vag NH3
Cocktistic Anchorage Alaska (A2H3)
The Cocktease Falcon EWH3
I Sleepy With Sheepy SacH3 (Sacramento)
Cock Lobster Boston H3
Bumble Beaver Indy FullMoon
Just Paulie Chicago house hash
Snap off AlbuquerqueH3
The Dark Kunt Friendly Toast H3
Luva Lamp Boston H3
Ate In A Booth Indy FullMoon/IndyScent
World's Okayest Kirkland Ben Franklin Mob H3
Doctor Blow Boston H3
Puker Blooper Boston H3
Nurse RainBlow Burlington H3
Serial Lubist Burlington H3
Cummy Sticks Beantown
Fort Dixalot Ben Franklin Mob H3
Cockstradamus BFM
Where's my D? BFMH3
Vagibond BH3
Cumboy Wonder Ithaca H3
Crawdaddy Cooter Ithaca H3
Taylor Majher
Soul Taco CH3
Cums Alone Bh3
Snatch .com NH3
Just Pedro N/A
Ate Ball Cum Pocket DCH4
sKooter Kunte Everyday is Wednesday H3
Urine Love Chicago H3
Keyless Entry Chicago H3
Everything Butt Sex Ben Franklin Mob H3
Clit Notes Boston
Coregasm Boston H3
I Eat Dick Chicago H3
Uber Eats Me A2H3
USS Cum On My Face Chicago H3
+2 Coonass Boston Ballbuster H4
Beeeestiality B4 Boys San Antonio H3 & Lunar H3
Garmin Chicago H3
Just Beat It BH3
Friar Fuck Seacoast
Have You Blown My Stapler? White House H3
Pico de Gayo White House3
One Trick Dick SOH4
Chippen Failz Friendly Toast H3
Over the shoulder boulder holder Fort Eustis H3
50 Shades of Glaze Boston
Just Vanessa Boston
Necrophiliac Jack Boston H3
dribbles boston
Goat Throat Friendly Toast H3
Udder Whore Boston
Slips n' Slides OHHH
ManSauce OHHH
Stain Gretzky EWH3
Atari 6900 White House Hash House Harriers (WH4)
Slothy Seconds Ben Franklin Mob H3
Virgin Ivona Boston H3
Edward Sissy Hands Beantown
Two Girls One Cupcake Chicago H3
Snatchsquatch Chicago H3
Just Jennie Boston
Waxxx Off Boston
Chunderellie Chunderellie JelloShot H3
Cheeky Bastard Brooklyn H3
Dr. Cockvorkian ALCH3
Psychedelic Cumfountain BloomingFools H3
Cherry Poppin Boston
Deflate Date BH3
Jersey Lunchbox NorthboroH3
Uncle Touchy's Puzzle Basement Motown Ann Arbor H3
A prick in the hand is better than 2 in the bush North county San Diego h3
My rectums infected (MRI) North county San Diego h3
Easy as 123 Boston H3
Ze Pelvic Thrust Yacht Rock H3
THE 2nd Cumming Boston H3
Fire in the Hole Boston H3