Hash House Harriers

a drinking club with a running problem

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The Boston Hash House Harriers are once again excited to invite you to our annual hash event:

A Midspring Bacchanalia

Satyr your Thirst! Get Horny! Hares are Fae!

April 14 - 17, 2023

"If we shadows have offended,
Drink but this, and all is mended...
Give me your baggo, if we be friends,
And the Hash shall restore amends.”

Sprinkled through the fabled hamlet of Boston like fairy dust, follow our magical chalky trail to discover the hidden secrets of the urban forests. Experience the famed "Boston Shiggy," where sometimes the grass hasn't been mowed in a week or two! Follow shimmering glamours down alleys, through traffic, and across parks – what fools these mortals be!

A midspring bacchanalia of Mythical Creatures, from Forest Beasts (bestiality's best, boys), to Flower Deities (Flour Dei-titties), glittery Fairies (no glitter at the venue, please!!), horny Fauns (for all you Pan-sexuals), or ridable Centaurs (with consent)! It's a veritable vernal bacchanal, a big Dionysian pleasure dome straight out of Xanadu.

Adorn yourself with horns, fangs or wings, flora or fauna, leaves or flowers, and come celebrate this occasion of wild and drunken revelry. Bask in the wonders of nature, especially hops and malt, as we drink, sing, and run ourselves into a frenzy! They say the trees of the city talk if you drink enough...

We invite you to come as fantastical beasts, mythical creatures, flower deities, fauns, nymphs, centaurs, elves, fairies, fantasy.


Tuesday, 4/11: Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Lube - Pink Taco Trotters H3 @ Sunset Cantina (916 Commonwealth Ave, Boston) starting at 6:30pm HST. $5 Hash Cash
Wednesday, 4/12: Pre-Pre-Pre-Lube - Beantown H3 @ Russell House Tavern starting at 6:30pm HST. $5 Hash Cash
Thursday, 4/13: Pre-Pre-Lube - Boston Moon Hash House Harriers @ Tony C's (699 Assembly Row, Somerville) starting at 6:30pm HST. $5 Hash Cash
Friday, 4/14: Pre-Lube - Beer Mile 7pm pre-lube @ Carson Beach parking lot, 7:15 beer mile @ Moakley Park track, pay as you go on-after at Seapoint Bar and Grill
Saturday, 4/15: MAIN EVENT! @ Democracy Brewing starting at 12:00pm HST
Sunday, 4/16: Fatboy trail hosted by Boston Ballbuster H3 @ Ringer Playground starting at 1:00pm HST
Monday 4/17: Watch the Marathon at Mile 20. Elites go by ~11:00am. Trail will be marked from the Newton Center T stop. Beer and food provided


With the crazy inflation this past year, we're asking for an extra $6.90 for each rego tier to properly lube up the event!

$69 + $6.90 (= $75.90) through January 16
$96 + $6.90 (= $102.90) through January 31
$129 + $6.90 (= $135.90) through March 14
$149 + $6.90 (= $155.90) thereafter & giveaway not guaranteed
$175 + $6.90 (= $181.90) DAY OF

We will do our best to find crash space for visiting hashers, but space is limited. If you need a place to stay, please let us know in your rego form.

Email Holly Klose for a 26.9% discount on your rego price.

REGISTER NOW, and then PayPal the money to!

Your Mythical Marathon Chairs
Cookies for Nookie and Po-Po Peepshow

P.S. Looking for costume ideas? Look here!

You must be 21+ to attend this event.

By registering you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own actions during the entire weekend of events. That includes treating our city, members of the hash, and greater community with respect. Any inappropriate behavior can result in forfeiting your rego, being banned from the Boston Hash, or being reported to the authorities.

Who's Cumming

Hasher Kennel
No Man on the Moon Boston H3
Po-Po Peepshow Boston H3
Blondie McF Pink Taco Trotters H3
Bottom Wrangler Chicago H3
Holey Dumpster Fire Boston H3
Cookies for Nookie BH3
Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
Marbleous Asshole Boston Ballbuster
Puker Blooper Boston H3
Cuntcussion Boston H3
Kneels for Ginger Jizz Boston H3
Shart of Darkness Boston H3
A. Sock Bh3
Vagibond Pink Taco Trotters H3
Nurse RainBlow Burlington H3
Serial Lubist Burlington H3
BeeeestialityB4Boys Boston Rage H3
Sketchy ho Boston H3
Mudslut Boston H3
Blue Balls Matter Boston H3
the buttler hit it various
Tacos on a Bridge Boston H3
Peeping Tom Pussy Boston H3
Cum Test Dummy SFH3
O’Bone’R Pink Taco Trotters H3
Dead in the box BH3VT
Do Me Decimal Boston H3
Slothy Seconds Boston H3
Orgasm Famine Boston H3
Yellow Dick Gnome Boston H3
Spank Me May I Have My Mother Boston
Poly Pocket Ben Franklin Mob
Fort Dixalot BFM
60k9 BFM H3
Music to my Tears BFMH3
Where’s my D? Ben Franklin Mob
Cockstradamus- NOT ATTENDING! BFMH3
Everything Butt Sex Ben Franklin Mob
USS Cum On My Face Chicago H3
OBWAO Friendly Toast h3
furry spice friendly toast h3
Stain Gretzky EWH3
Mourning Wood Seacoast H3
The Great White MILF SHIT
Just Tanyalee Northboro
Just Rick VIRGIN!
Village Tool San Diego Hash House Harriers
Just Erin- (There's no tag for him) Captain Dixalot Pirate Crew
Cockamole SFH3
Cummy Sticks Boston
Mountin’ Deez Nuts BFMH3
Sperm burpin fae THCH3/SH
Pubic Service Announcement Friendly Toast H3
Fucked If I Know Burlington H3
Salty Cumpiss Burlington H3
Make That Noise Burlington H3
69 Sided Dice Von Tramp H3
Flexible Video Endoscope Von Tramp H3
Goat Throat Friendly Toast H3
Spare My Finger- NOT ATTENDING Ben Franklin Mob
Prison Jism Blues BH3
Meow Ja Trois NYCH3
Swedish Eagle Boston Ballbuster H4
rainbow fuckin' brite burlington
One-eyed Wetter Memphis Hash House Harriers
Straight Dancer "Boston because we have a coat to give him"
Massage A Trois BH3
The Testicular Mechanics Jello Shot H3
Have You Blown My Stapler? White House H3
Edward Sissy Hands ✂️- NOT ATTENDING Beantown H3
My Little Penis SeaMon H3
Reduce Reuse Recoitus BFM H3
The Gatekeeper Cedar Falls H3
Chunderellie Chunderellie Boston H3
Cumboy Wonder Ithaca H3
World's Okayest Kirkland Ben Franklin Mob
Necrophiliac Jack Boston H3
Penis Colada Burlington H3
Cums Alone BH3
Pigfucker Halve Mein (THE BESTEST)
Decibelle Halve Mein
Mathole New Haven H3
Cock Lobster Boston H3
Slutty Charms Boston H3/White House H3
Sex: The Final Frontier-NOT ATTENDING Beantown H3
Can't Bone On Sundays Wandering Women H3 (Seoul)
2 Guys 1 Hole Burlington H3
Heaven's Gape EwH3
Shits and ladders Boston h3
Angry Crotch- DUPLICATE Boston H3
Just Cara Boston
Frosty the Fuckman Boston
Clit Notes PTH3
Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory Pooflingers H3
Spunk in the Trunk Boston H3
Dildo Shaggins St. Petersburg H3
Luva Lamp Boston H3
50 Shades of Glaze Boston
Just Vanessa Boston
I'mGoodGetOnMe and Ichiball Soh4
A prick in the hand is better than two in the bush NCH3 (north county San Diego)
My rectums infected (MRI) Nch3
Anal Disco BH3
Udder Whore Boston H3
How I Met Your Mother BVTH3
Let the Bodies Hit the Whore Ben Franklin Mob H3
THE 2nd Cumming Boston H3
Hoover Boston
Easy as 123 BH3
Ze Pelvic Thrust BH3
Wikipedophilia Space Unicorn H3
Cum Ear Boston H3
Cherry Cum Lately Larryville H3
Cockanova Larryville H3
Rock Cock Black Rock City H3
Friar F**K Seacoast
dribbles Beantown H3
E = I’m A Douche Eager 4 Beaver H3
Full Frontal Fireball Boston H3
Quarter Mile Queer Boston H3
Doctor Blow Beantown/Boston
Cherry Poppin Paddy boston
Just kendra Boston
One Trick Dick SOH4
ET Boston moon H3
Sex Ray Tech Savannah H3
Type A hole Boston H3
Deflate date Bh3
Cheeky Bastard Brooklyn H3
Mouth Down South SFH3
Wrecked By Ralph SavH3
Waxxx Off Boston/Beantown
Slips'n'Slides OHHH
Bring out the Gimp Boston
Hendn- Gibberish??- No associated payment Dnfndn
Swayze Both Wayz Long Beach H3
Chalk Girl
Ichiball (see line above which was for 2 people)
Man Sauce