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BH3: A Very Muddy Trail

When: March 3, 2024 at 7:30 PM (HST)

Where: Summer Shack, 149 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA


BH3 #2693+/-6.9<br><p>When it should be snowboarding season but instead it’s 50° and raining, what’s a Mudslut to do? 🥺 Return to the shiggy-loving roots of her mother hash and hare a Very Muddy Trail, of course! *Shiggy shoes and a change of shoes and socks recommended*</p><p><b>What:</b> A Very Muddy Trail</p><p><b>When:</b> Sunday March 3, 2:30 show, 3:00 go</p><p><b>Where:</b> Summer Shack, closest T station is Alewife</p><p><b>Hare:</b> Mudslut</p><p><b>Bag car:</b> Chunderelli Chunderelli</p><p><b>Hash Cash:</b> $5</p><p><b>Promises:</b> some mud, a slut, a mudslut, shiggy, rain, beer, outdoor on-in, BC locations available for walkers and pavement-loving runners</p><b>Lies:</b> scouting, visible marks