Hash House Harriers

A drinking club with a running problem


2022-2023 Mismanagement

The following unlucky wankers were democratically erected (like a deer in headlights) as Boston H3 Mismanagement. They are chosen mostly due to their lack of organizational skills, personal hygiene, and original excuses. Basically, these are the people that can you can blame for everything that goes wrong.

Position Hasher(s)
Grand Masters Holey Dumpster Fire & Fellowship of the Cockring
Religious Advisors Orgasm Famine, Slothy Seconds, Mudslut, Beeeestiality B4 Boys, Full Frontal Fireball, Chunderellie Chunderellie
Hash Cash Clit Notes, Full Frontal Fireball, Sex: The Final Frontier, Tacos on a Bridge
Hash Accountants Quarter Mile Queer & Do Me Decimal
Hareraisers Frosty the Fuck Man & Blue Balls Matter
Hash Dementress Po-Po Peepshow
Marathon Chairs Po-Po Peepshow & Cookies for Nookie
Holiday Party Chairs Blue Balls Matter & Strap On/Strap Off
Beer Bitch The Buttler Hit It
Haberdasher Doctor Blow
Hash Scribes Extra Terrestical & Slothy Seconds
Hash Flash Beeeestiality B4 Boys
Webmeister No Man on the Moon