Hash House Harriers

A drinking club with a running problem

Boston Area Kennels

There are many kennels in the Boston area so you can hash to your heart's content! Trails are usually announced a few days in advance and are generally accessible by public transportation. Check our calendar or home page for upcoming hash details.

Boston Hash House Harriers (BH3)

Boston's oldest kennel. BH3 typically hashes on Wednesday evenings in the warmer months and Sunday afternoons in the cooler ones.

Beantown Hash House Harriers (Beantown H3)

Beantown is Boston's newest kennel. More hashing! Beantown hashes on Wednesdays or Sundays opposite of BH3's schedule.

Boston Ballbuster Hardcore Hash House Harriers (BH4)

For those r*cists who want to r*n more than 3-5 miles, BH4 provides a monthly trail of at least 6.9 miles true trail. BH4 meets on Saturday mornings, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Bring $5 and a 6-pack.

Boston Moon Hash House Harriers (BMH3)

Boston Moon r*ns once a month on or around the full moon. Or some other time of the month. Make sure you wear a cranium cover to avoid moon burn!

Pink Taco Hash House Harriers (PTH3)

A kennel for ladies and members of the LGBTQ community that meets once a month. This kennel is focused on camaraderie, and while many trails are r*ns, some are other activities that provide an opportunity to socialize.